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We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust

Autumn Term 2017



The next two weeks will be focused around the childrens favourite time of the year – Christmas!

We will be making the most of this wonderful opportunity and using it to enhance all areas of learning.

In literacy we will be revisiting everything covered so far this term and finishing off our handwriting on the ‘One armed robot’ letters and introducing the other letters that we have not yet covered.

In maths it will be a mixture of all the strands covered so far – through a Christmas theme.


Please remember to keep the book bags tidy. 

Over the last few weeks a number of book bags have not been organised very well and when the children enter the classroom to put their yellow zip files (with reading book and Home liaison book in) into the correct place they have had all sorts of difficulties and the same for the library files. This will help them continue to build their independence and confidence. 



The countdown to Christmas

It is the start of ‘advent’ and we will be celebrating this is class 1 this week. We will take a look at the story behind this special time of year, we will be creating a ‘Santa’s workshop’ in class, learning some Christmas songs and enjoying all things Christmassy.

In literacy we will be revising all the sounds that we have covered so far, learning to write some of the letters in the ‘one armed robot’ family (r, n, h, m and b) and introducing Christmas card writing in the workshop.

In maths we will be using an Advent calendar to read, write and order numbers up to and beyond 10. We will also be reinforcing childrenʼs knowledge of spoken numbers and matching written numerals up to 20. They will order numbers, count on and back from a given number and write numerals 1 to 20. Finally we will be working out one more and one less than a given number and understanding the corresponding addition and subtraction number sentences.


Do not forget the Christmas fayre on Friday after school. You will also get a letter this week about the carol service on the 14thDecember. Class 1 will be doing the tableau during the service, therefore if your child is unable to make this event please let me know ASAP.


Keep collecting sponsors for the Kicking for a Kitchen on Tuesday and if you are interested students from Hanley High School will be joining us on Wednesday for some activities. What a week!!



Toys Continued

This week we will be continuing with our theme of toys. We will be looking at the variety of toys in the classroom and paying particular attention to the electronic toys. The children will get the chance to play with a programmable toy this week – the Bee Bot.

On Monday morning we will be watching class 3 perform their play about Ancient Greece.

In literacy we will continue to revise tricky sounds and learn new sounds – ‘or’, ‘ir’, ‘ou’ and ‘oy’. We will be developing our name writing and looking at the formation of some more letters.

In maths we will be looking at 2d and 3d shapes, counting to 100 and focusing in on the numbers 11 – 15.

Do not forget the school disco on Friday. All the money raised will go to the PFA. It is very important that parents support all the events organised by the PFA as the money raised supports your child’s experience at our school. If it was not for the PFA subsidising trips they would all cost in excess of £20!


It is also Children in Need on Friday. Wear one thing spotty and bring some loose change so that the children can play some Children In Need games.


Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the parent consultations last week. It was a delight to talk to you about your amazing children and please do not forget to come and ask if there is anything else you would like to know.

Toys R us

This week we will be starting a new mini topic on ‘toys’. The children will be able to tell us all about their favourite toys and do a variety of activities based on their favourite toy.

We will also be having a visit from the school nurse on Monday to talk about the importance of handwashing.

In literacy we will be learning the sounds ‘ow’, ‘oo’, ‘ar’ and ‘or’ and revising some of the sounds that the children are still finding tricky. There will be a focus on handwriting 'Curly Caterpillar' letters (c,a,d,o,g,q,e,s) and name writing.


In maths this week the children will be chanting numbers to 20 and beginning to chant numbers to 100. They will count ten items into a set, and will begin to count up to 20 items into a set. They will count accurately using one-to-one correspondence and understand conservation of number. They will learn to write numbers to 10 and begin to compare and order numbers to 10.


Do not forget that this week is parents evenings.

Terrific Tanzania

Welcome back. I hope that you all had a good half term break and are ready for the countdown to Christmas! This week we will be learning all about Tanzania following my visit. We will be learning about the similarities and differences in culture and finding out about out sister school – Maweni.

We will also make time to understand the story behind ‘Bonfire night’ and Halloween.

In literacy we will be learning the sounds ‘ay’, ‘ee’, ‘igh’ and ‘ow’ and revising some of the sounds that the children are still finding tricky. I am pleased to report that all children have made good progress in their sound acquisition and some of the class now know all of the alphabet sounds. These children will be starting the Read, Write Inc. scheme. For more information on this please see the Read, Write, Inc. page.

This week in maths the children are exploring length and height, using the language associated with comparing and measuring. We will also begin to explore capacity using the terminology ʻemptyʼ, ʻhalf fullʻ and ʻfullʼ.


Do not forget to sign up for parents evening if you have not already done so.


Our 5 super powers

This week we will be looking a little deeper at who we are and what we can do. We will be exploring our 5 senses, how our body is made up and what we can do to develop our super powers.

In literacy we will be learning v, y, w, z & x. We will continue to blend blend blend and will continue to look at some of the ‘long ladder letters’ (l, i, t, u & y) when handwriting. These letters all have the same pattern. Start on the line, up and down!


This week in maths it is all about introducing children to addition and subtraction. Children start the week by practising subitising numbers up to 6 using fingers and dots on a dice. They move on to find number pairs to 5 and then to 6, and are shown the addition number sentence that goes with each pair. They are introduced to simple subtractions using their number pairs, and learn to recognise that adding and subtracting are inverse operations.


This will also be my last week in class before half term as I will be working in Maweni Primary school next week. Mrs Dodd will be taking over from Friday of this week and she is very much looking forward to revisiting the story of the Little Red Hen and, hopefully, doing some baking with the class.


In literacy she will be continuing to blend CVC words, developing their handwriting (particularly their names) and learning ‘q/qu’, ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’, ‘ng & ‘nk’.


Can I take this opportunity  to thank you and your children for a great first half term! They have worked hard and settled in very quickly. Have a fabulous half term and enjoy your time together and I will see you all back in school after half term.


Autumn Fun

Autumn is finally here and this week we will be celebrating this. We will be going on an ‘autumn adventure’ finding evidence for the new season and using the things we find for art and design activities.


In literacy we will be learning the letter sounds, e, l, h, r & j. We will also be starting to form letters accurately by looking at letter families. This week we will be looking at the ‘Long Ladder Letters’ (l, i, t, u & j). Please remember we do cursive script writing.


In maths it is another week about counting; chanting numbers in order up to 20, counting 10 items into a set, counting up to 10 items taken from a larger set, matching how many to a numeral and matching written and spoken numerals. Children will learn to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence and come to understand conservation of number. They will subitise numbers to 6 and count along a 1−10 number track.


On Tuesday we will be having our photo for the paper. We will let you know which edition it is in once we have been told.

Harvest and the Little Red Hen

This week we will be learning all about harvest time following our successful Harvest festival on Friday and we will be using the story of the Little Red Hen to help us.

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about healthy eating and the importance of fruit and veg.

In literacy we will be learning the letter sounds ‘c’, ‘k’, ‘u’, ‘b’ and ‘f’. We have started to demonstrate blending simple words and this week we will crank it up a notch. The children will be having a go at blending CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words and spotting a few high frequency words like ‘I’, ‘yes’ and ‘no’.
We will also start handwriting this week. We will be using ‘Write dance’ (mark making to music) and looking closely at letter formation. Please remember we use ‘cursive’ letters straight away.


This weekʼs maths learning is all about patterns and number. Children will copy, continue, describe and create patterns using colours, shapes, objects, sounds and actions. We will also continue with numbers to 0 and 20.


Please do not forget to bring in wellies this week ready for us to start Forest School on Thursday!


The reading books!.

Most of the children have already started sharing their home reader every day/night at home. Well done and thank you. It really does make a massive difference to your child’s progress and academic achievement.


You only need to share the book for about 10 minutes each night and hopefully this will help your child develop a positive routine for reading.

You do not have to have a new book every night, so if your child enjoys the book keep it a little longer. If you would like a new one then please write ‘finished’
in the comments box and we will do our best to change it as soon as possible.

If you are interested in further information and support with reading then please do let me know and I will hold a brief introduction to reading meeting.




Look at me!

This week will be all about ‘showing off’. Every day the children will have the chance to show off their skills to the rest of the class. These skills could be anything from things they already know, to newly acquired skills. Hopefully this will develop their self-confidence, promote a positive attitude to learning and give everyone a chance to see who they are sharing their class with. We will be exploring what we are all very good at and some of the things we are not so good at.

In Read, Write Inc we will be learning the sounds i, n, p, g and o. We will also be teaching how to blend letters, with a little help from our friends the ‘Alphablocks’.


Maths this week is all about counting − chanting numbers in order up to 10 and then 20, counting items into a set, counting items taken from a larger set, matching a number of items to a numeral, matching written and spoken numerals and being able to count accurately using one-to-one correspondence. Children should also understand conservation of number and be able to count along a number track 1−6.


If your child has access to digital media and you would like to have a look at some maths ‘activities’ together then we will be using 'Number blocks' on the Cbeebies website and ‘The Numtums’ to support their learning. Please take a look!


Do not forget…

The ‘parents meeting’ on Tuesday at 2:45pm - come to the school office and Mrs Harrison will direct you from there.


Harvest Festival at the church on Friday, 9:00am.

If you have a ‘tablet’ of any description and you have not already done so, then please download the Cbeebies apps. There is a Cbeebies play/ play island app and a Cbeebies story app. They are both excellent and meet the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Have fun!

Where are we?

What a great first week last week was!! Your children were brilliant! They have all settled in wonderfully and it already feels as if they have been part of our school family for ever! Please do not forget that they are still very young and may still become upset occasionally. If this is the case make sure you give them loads of extra cuddles and words of comfort and do not worry – they will ALWAYS been absolutely fine once they are with us in school.

Now the children have settled into school we will start adding in some of the other activities that we do in class. On Monday and Wednesday we will be doing PE. Please make sure that their uniform is named and that they can, at least, have a go at dressing and undressing themselves. Please do not let your child be the scarecrow of the class!!

We will be exploring the school in more detail this week. The children will get to visit all the classrooms and meet all the staff. We will be looking at the classroom and where everything goes and working on our ‘tidying up’ skills!

We will start to learn our letters this week. We will be covering m, a, s, d & t and using them to read some simple CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words like sat, mat and mad. Alongside a ‘Write dance’ session (pre writing movement activities) we will begin to attempt to write these letters and the letters in our name. Please remember that we use cursive handwriting at Hanley Swan.

In maths we will be counting to 10 and above with correct 1 to 1 correspondence and counting out loud to 10/20 and back.

Every day last week I sat in with the children whilst they ate their lunch. They were great and they all ate most, if not all, of it every day. I will continue to support them in the lunch hall and let individual parents know if there are any issues.


The Home School liaison book will be coming home on Monday. There will not be a reading book in their yet, they will be sent home after we have covered a few sounds in the coming weeks. Although if you do share a book together please do write it in if you would like.


Home liaison book

The ‘Home liaison book’ is for communication between home and school. It can be used in any way that is useful for individual parents. Here is a rough guide to get you started:

When your child brings home a new book we will write the title in the ‘Title’
box. This helps us keep a record of what your child has read (they choose their own books from the appropriate level). If your child reads other books with you at home (please please please make sure you do!!) you are more than welcome to write them in as well, but that is up to you.

The ‘Pages read and comments’ box is for you to note down how far you have got in a book if you have not read it all. You can also add information about things you have noticed whilst sharing the book, e.g. likes, dislikes (this is important so that we can try to encourage them not to pick a similar book again), letters/words they have struggled with, etc.

In the ‘spellings’ box I will write words (later on in the year) that they are finding tricky, you can then look at them at home.

The ‘Home/school message’ box is for you to write any important information in. Changes to who is picking your child up, questions if you do not have time to talk to me in the morning/evening. Any other information about your child that you think will be important to us in school. I will also use this box to write information in if I do not get a chance to speak to you.

The blank box can be used for anything you like…doodle, draw, scribble, colour…

If you have limited time in the evening I would rather you spend an extra 2 minutes cuddling, reading or talking to your child than filling the book in. I hope this helps.


Who are we?

This week we will be settling the children into school life with a strong focus on personal, social and emotional development. There will be a large amount of choice in the activities they do, covering all aspects of the curriculum.
We will also be learning about each other – our names, likes and dislikes, favourite things and the school routine.
On Friday the children will be bringing their first library book home. Please make a big thing about the book and their choice and then enjoy it over the following week. These simple things will make a big difference to their enjoyment and eagerness for reading.

Please remember that your child is still very young and starting school is a very emotional time. If they are feeling uneasy then I am more than happy for them to bring in a small comfort toy to help them settle