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Welcome back and this half term our Christian Value is HONESTY.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit !

Spring 2017

Spring Term 2017

Mi casa es su casa!

Welcome back and a happy New Year to you all. I must begin with a huge thank you to everyone, as not only do I get the gift of working with your children, but you also gave us some wonderful Christmas presents at the end of last term.

A New Year means a new term and of course new topics. This term we will be looking at houses and homes and then moving onto World War 1. We will also be including some mini topics such as winter, animals and anything else the children would like to learn more about.

Within the topic ‘Houses and homes’ we will be looking at what makes a home, our home, different types of homes, famous homes e.g. The 3 Little Pigs and materials. We will also be looking at a number of religious celebrations including Chinese New Year and hopefully heading out into the village on a mini geography field trip. Mixed in with this will be the mini topics and topics chosen by the children. In order to support you with this remember to keep your eye on our class page!!

We will doing a number of trips this term to support our learning and to give the children the best possible experiences. We will be visiting Upton Library and exploring the variety of things they have on offer. Spending an afternoon at St. Gabriel’s to explore the church and finally a day at Hartlebury Castle exploring the County museum.

In Literacy we will continue to look at and use our sound knowledge to read and write words. We will be developing our cursive handwriting and attempting to write simple sentences. Alongside these we will also be continuing to learn the High Frequency Words. Please continue to read on a regular basis with your child – it is already noticeable the difference between those who read very regularly and those who do not.

In Numeracy will be developing our number skills by looking at and counting numbers to 20 and beyond. Writing numerals 0 – 20. Working on addition and subtraction. Exploring 3D shapes and attempting to re-create patterns. We will also continue to develop our shape and space language and attempt to solve mathematical problems.

If you have anything that you can add to these topics then please come in and see me.

Things to bring to school

PE Kit – Stays in school and sent home to wash if dirty and/or at the end of each half term.

Wellington boots – Stay in school.

Water bottle with water in.

Lunch box – if needed.

When cold and wet – coat and if needed cold weather clothes.
When hot – hat and sun cream

In Book bag – everyday:
Reading Folder (yellow) with book.
Home school liaison book.

In Book bag – Thursday or Friday:
Library book in folder.

Please do not forget my classroom door is always open (apart from weekends) for a chat and a chance to answer any questions/queries you have.

Spring 2017



Spring into action


This week we will be continuing to look at the season of spring. Last week we investigated signs of spring, this week we will be recording our findings, watching what happens to the buds/leaves from last week and doing some art work based on blossom.

We will also be visiting the school ‘bee hive’ this week and talking about what the bees will be doing.


In maths we will be exploring numbers to 20 and working with the children in practical application of their skills.


I am looking forward to chatting to you all at ‘Parents Evenings’ this week. Please do not forget your time slot.




Soldiers and Spring


A quirky combination this week!

We will be looking more closely at the role of the soldier in WW1, their uniform, feelings, highs and lows and time in the trenches.

We will also be exploring the signs of Spring – yes it is finally here!!


In maths we will be revisiting ‘Money’ and using this as a stimulus for lots of addition and subtraction.


Thursday will be a very special day for the children as both Mrs Dodd and I are out and therefore Mrs Charles (class 2 teacher on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) will be teaching class 1!


Do not forget CHOCOLATE BINGO on Friday – tickets are nearly sold out!!





The Little Red Hen and the Great War


This week we will be digging deeper into the WW1 project with a book about a Little Red Hen that helped bring hope to the soldiers in the trenches. We will also have a very special medical themed Collective Worship on Wednesday followed by the poet in the afternoon.


In maths we will be continuing the counting, ordering and writing number to 20+ from last week.


Do not forget the non-uniform day on Friday in exchange for some ‘chocolate’!!!



World War 1


I hope you all had a fantastic half term holiday and the children managed to get a well deserved break. 

This week we will be starting our exciting WW1 project. We will be exploring what it was and when it happened along with visiting Hartlebury on Wednesday.


We will also be celebrating Shrove Tuesday and learning a little bit about St David’s Day.


In Maths the children will compare and order numbers to 20. We will be checking that the children can match a numeral to 20 with the same number of objects in a set. We will also be estimating numbers of objects and images and beginning to understand that teen numbers are ten plus some more.




Animal Homes


This week we will be learning about where animals live. We will find out about where animals native to this country live as well as animals in other countries. We will begin to use the scientific term ‘habitat’ to describe these places.


Tuesday is ‘Safer Internet Day’ and we will spend some time learning about keeping safe on line. This is becoming increasingly important year on year. As parents we would not let our children go out on the roads without our guidance so please do not let your children play online without your guidance.

My biggest top tip - Keep technology out of the bedroom and in communal areas of the house. Using technology in the bedroom is when children are at their most vulnerable.

For more information please see the links on the Weekly Words.


In maths we will be learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s along with revising our doubles and number bonds for 10.



Homes around the world


This week we will be finishing off learning about the Chinese New Year and exploring traditional homes from around the world. We will have the chance to learn about maps and talk about how other cultures are similar and different to our own.


In maths we will be continuing with doubling and looking at doubling numbers between 6 and 10. As well as revisiting previous doubles and counting to 100.


We are very excited in class 1 as Cbeebies have started a new show called 'Numberblocks'. If they ask then please let the children watch an episode or 2 via the Cbeebies website or BBC iplayer.




Finally, I must say a huge WELL DONE to all the children for their behaviour and effort last Friday at the PE festival. They were all absolute starts and we were very proud of them.




Happy Chinese New Year!


This week will be a mixed bag of themes. We will start the week looking closely at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, investigating the materials and testing them as part of a science experiment. We will finish the week with finding out about the Chinese New Year and of course the PE festival at Hanley High School.


In maths we will be continuing to learn number facts. We will be building on the doubling work we started last week and also continuing to investigate number bonds for 10.


In literacy we are leaping on with our reading and writing. Please remember to read every night if you can, refer to the sounds that I sent home last week if appropriate and of course do not forget that our handwriting is cursive.




Mi casa es su casa!

This week we are continuing with our houses and homes topic. We will be looking at houses and homes from around the world, exploring a traditional Mexican house story and creating our own houses.

In literacy we will be continuing with our sounds (please keep an eye on their book bags this week as I will be sending sheets home with the sounds that we are covering), reading, writing and of course handwriting – cursive handwriting.

In maths we will be looking at 'number bonds for 10' and ‘doubles’, double 1,2,3,4,5. We will be looking at the numbers, playing with addition and spotting patterns.

Doubles song


Forest school will start back up again this Friday, so make sure they have a warm coat in school on that day to wear under the waterproofs.




Our House

This week will be exploring what makes a house a house. The children will get to create pictures of their house, talk about their house and we will even try and find their house on 'Google earth'.

On Tuesday we will be doing a short mini field trip into the village looking at the variety of houses we have in our area.


We will be exploring the story of Hansel and Gretel and paying particular attention to the Gingerbread House.


On Monday afternoon we will have the first PE session of 2017 and I am very pleased to say that we are having the 'Sway Dance' coach in to teach 10 weeks of dance to the children. It will be very exciting and you will all be invited to the 'Locking in' event, later this term, to see the fruits of their work.


HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back!!

I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed any time you had with your children. A huge thank you to the children and parents that gave all of us such lovely Christmas gifts, they really were appreciated.

We will be jumping straight back into school life this week with a whole host of New Year activities. We will be finding out about their Christmas holiday and then getting the children to write, draw and paint their favourite bits. We will be learning about New Year's resolutions and creating our own.

Read, Write, Inc will start again this week and some of the children will be in different groups. 
In maths we will be counting toys to 20 and beyond.
We will also be talking about where we live and talking about our houses.