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This half term our Christian Value is LOVE.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust


Year 5 Maths

Yesterday, you finished your block of lessons on Multiplication and Division. Now, it is time to see what you have understood.


There is an assessment to complete, like we do in class. Open up the file below and either a) print it off and work on the sheet, or b) answer the questions in your maths book numbering each question carefully, so that you can mark it with me later.


Take the time to check your answers carefully. We will mark your work on Friday in our meeting and discuss anything which has been a problem.


Remember that you just need to try your best. (You are still learning!smiley)

Good luck!yes

Year 6 Order FDP


Please remember to send me a photo of your biography. I'd really like to see how you have got on with your writing this week. 

Below the weblink for the last English lesson are the formal conjunctions for 'and', 'but' and 'so', some good examples of sentences with colons and some photographs of the writing we did in class. I hope you find them helpful.

Art - Choose the collage or the pirate ship .

Please copy and paste this web address into your browser. Kirsty will show you how to make a self portrait collage. You need to start the video from 22:00.

DrawWithRob 54 Pirate Ship

Charles Darwin's ship might have looked a bit like this (without the skull and crossbones!).