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This half term our Christian Value is KINDNESS.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust


Noah's Ark

In maths this week we have been looking at the animals that went into the Ark.

Noah's Ark is a very famous Bible story.

Do you know what the Bible is?

The Bible is a very special book that Christians learn from.

Do you know any other Bible stories?



Noah had to build an Ark.

An Ark is a very big boat.


Can you build a boat that will hold some of your favourite animals?

See if you can find some clean rubbish from the recycling bin and build the most amazing boat that you can.


Think about what type of boat you would like to build.

Have a look at the pictures below...

Song Time

We have a very famous song about the animals going into Noah's Ark. It is called the Animals went in 2 by 2..

Can you sing this song with your parents?

A Rainbow

At the end of Noah's Ark God sent a rainbow as a promise.

Is there anything that you could promise to do from now on? Perhaps more reading or better writing? Could you promise to tidy your room or share your toys?


Can you turn your ideas into a mobile like the one below.