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This half term our Christian Value is FRIENDSHIP and our Skill for Life is COLLABORATION.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust


We have an allotment in the village and go there regularly to  explore Nature, search for minibeasts  and learn about gardening and growing produce. 

We have grown lots of vegetables over the  years and have enjoyed  growing peas, runner beans, onions, potatoes, courgettes, pumpkins, squashes and various herbs.

We have harvested some beautiful pumpkins and had a raffle for them, raising some more funds ready for buying seeds for next year!

We have benefitted so much from some brilliant help with weeding, strimming,digging and watering.  Please join in and help to make our allotment an even greater success!

Take a look at our photos and see what we have been up to!
Picture 1 Mrs Brown helping everyone to stay on the pavement
Picture 2 Class 4 Autumn visit to harvest pumpkins.
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6 Lily May with runner beans
Picture 7 A lovely barrow full of produce.
Picture 8 Still a few sweet peas and beans to pick!
Picture 9 A bit wet,but having a happy time!
Picture 10 What a picture! We're so proud!
Picture 11 Mr Read helps push the produce home.
Picture 12 Class 1 and 2 visit July 2104
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17 Digging up potatoes.
Picture 18 Adding horse manure to help our pumpkins grow.
Picture 19
Picture 20 Making herby potions that smelt beautiful.
Picture 21
Picture 22 Harvesting lovely red and white potatoes.
Picture 23
Picture 24
Picture 25 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 26 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 27 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 28 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 29 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 30 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 31 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 32 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 33 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 34 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 35 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 36 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 37 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 38 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 39 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 40 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 41 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 42 April 2014 - Class 2 visit
Picture 43 We found caterpillars and snails of various sizes.
Picture 44 Mr.Read wheeling our full barrow home.
Picture 45 The last of the pumpkins.
Picture 46 Everyone busy!
Picture 47 Writing lists
Picture 48 2013 Class 2 Planting peas
Picture 49 Leaves are falling now it is Autumn.
Picture 50 Planting onions.
Picture 51 Runner beans to plant next year!
Picture 52 Weeding and digging.
Picture 53 Wow....amazing pumpkins!
Picture 54 Sunny sunflowers to take back to school.
Picture 55 Happy times!
Picture 56 Thank you Y6 leavers for our super new wheelbarrow
Picture 57 Class 2 Visit. What a lot of colours in a leaf!
Picture 58 Weeding around the garlic plants
Picture 59 Digging with forks ready for pea planting
Picture 60 Drawing in the sun !
Picture 61 Recording what is growing. Lovely tulips!
Picture 62 Mr Read helping with the weeding group
Picture 63 Witness came with us and helped with weeding !
Picture 64 Work done,home we go!
Picture 65 We always stop to see the cherry tree!
Picture 66 Stop ,look and listen, we are ready to cross.
Picture 67 Planting radishes.
Picture 68 Clearing the weeds.
Picture 69 Taking the tops off the onions.
Picture 70 Allotment inspectors at work !
Picture 71 The year of the weeds!
Picture 72 Planting courgettes.
Picture 73 On our way home. Joe looks the part !
Picture 74 Walking two by two all the way home.
Picture 75 September2012 Class 1 Snack time
Picture 76 Here we are covering up our onion bulbs with soil.
Picture 77 We went on a hunt for worms.
Picture 78 Tthere were quite a few muddy bottoms and boots!
Picture 79 MAY YEAR 1 VISIT Ready to cross the road.
Picture 80 Enjoying snack time !
Picture 81 Peas and beans we grew in our school greenhouse.
Picture 82 We found a cocoon in the shed!
Picture 83 Being careful with the little plants.
Picture 84 We are all busy !
Picture 85 Getting ready to plant the runner beans.
Picture 86 MAY RECEPTION VISIT. It was a very hot afternoon!
Picture 87 Class 1 planted peas.

Another pumpkin gets planted.

Still image for this video

Planting a pumpkin. that's the way to do it!

Still image for this video

Huw finds a worm!

Still image for this video