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This half term our Christian Value is LOVE.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust

Year 5 Maths

surpriseWell Year 5...I think your teacher has finally 'lost the plot' and needs a good rest over half term. I am so sorry...I have just found out (thanks to Aliceangel and Florenceangel) that my 'Be careful' message about maths was incorrect. I think that I am the one who needs to be careful!blush


During the last two days, you should have worked on 'Compare and order fractions less than 1' pages 30, 31 and 32 (questions 1-4) on Wednesday and then pages 32 and 33 (questions 5-7) yesterday. I have double checked today's message and that is correct. Today's video is for 'Compare and order fractions greater than 1' on pages 34 and 35.


If you haven't done Wednesday's questions 1-4 yet (pages 30-32), then that is what you need to do today. Watch Wednesday's video again for a recap. That is all you need to do...don't try and catch up and do today's lessons as well.


Sorry again for the muddle...I'm off to find my brain for today's lessons.

Once again, be careful! You only need to do questions 1-4 on pages 34 and 35. (You will tackle questions 5-8 after half term.)

Compare and order fractions more than 1 (first part of worksheet)