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We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust

Class 2

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

We hope you’ve had a fantastic Christmas holiday. It seems to have flown by! A huge thanks to you all for the beautiful cards and gifts. We were very touched.

We have a busy term ahead of us. Our topics are science based this term. The first half will be focusing on Materials and the second half on Humans. We are planning to make our science activities as hands on as possible and we will round off with a science based Locking-In to show you all what we have been doing. Locking-In will take place on Wednesday 21st March at 2.45pm. are also planning a trip to @Bristol towards the end of term. Details to follow.

Forest school has now finished and we will be running two session of PE every week from now on. On Wednesdays, the children will be doing Yoga with Portia Oliver of Yoga Nourish. The children will need PE kits in all week.

Reading assessments will be taking place in the first weeks of term and the homework leaflet will be sent out shortly.

Many thanks for all your support. We wish you and your children all the best for 2018.

Mrs Charles, Mrs Salisbury, Mrs Brown, Mrs Jones and Mrs Sauntson.

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A very warm welcome to our new year 1's, we are really looking forward to getting to know you and your families.  And a very warm welcome back to our very grown up looking year 2's!

We will be using this webpage to provide information about our routines and upcoming events. We also put photographs on and copies of useful documents such as homework leaflets.  If you have any queries and can't find what you need here, please do come in and see us.

We will be holding a short parents meeting on Wednesday September 13th 2016 at 3pm, to run through the children’s timetable, to chat through homework, reading and spelling and of course to answer any questions.

Staff in Class 2
Mrs Charles - Teacher - Mon/Tues/Weds
Mrs Salisbury - Teacher - Thurs/Fri

Mrs Brown/Mrs Jones/Mrs Sauntson - Teaching Assistants

Both Mrs Charles and Mrs Salisbury are available on the playground from 8.50am and on the gate until 3.30pm if you have any quick queries.  If you have anything which you feel needs a longer discussion, please arrange an appointment with us or through Mrs Harrison in the office. 
We look forward to working with all your children this year!
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Summer Term 2017 - Homework sheet

Welcome back to the Summer Term.  This year seems to be flying but we have a packed term to look forward to and your children are going to be busy as always.   We have had a busy start this week with lots of planting, an archery experience and several play times on the field as well as the daily maths and literacy lessons.


Our topic for the whole of this term is LAND AND SEA.  This will cover a wide range of mini topics including Planting and Growing, Tanzania,  Oceans and Continents and Under The Sea.    


Children in year 2 are currently taking part in activities which will be used to make an assessment of their progress as is required by the Statutory Testing Authority.  This judgement is made using a wide range of their work including Maths and Reading test papers.  Please rest assured that any assessment is done as part of normal teaching and learning and we work very carefully to ensure it is a positive experience for the children.   KS1 assessments are sent home with the end of year school report.   Please come and see us if you have any questions.


More excitingly, we have also confirmed the date of the annual year 2 sleepover which will take place on Friday 14th July 2017. Further details to follow.  


As always, come and see us if you have any queries about anything at all!

Best wishes,

Mrs Charles, Mrs Salisbury and Mrs Brown.


Happy New Year and welcome back to you all. We hope you have all enjoyed Christmas with your lovely children and that everyone got a bit of a break!

We wanted to say a huge thank you for our amazing array of Christmas gifts and beautiful cards. We had a really fun and enjoyable term and it is great to know so many of the children felt the same. It is a huge privilege to work in a school with such supportive families and we are very grateful to you all.


We are looking forward to another busy term. There will be no Forest School this term and instead PE will be twice a week so the children will need PE kits in school every day. Spelling will start next week for year 2. There will be no reading challenge this half term but please keep encouraging your children to read regularly, they are all doing so well.


As always, please come and see us if you have any queries.

With many thanks,


Mrs Charles, Mrs Salisbury and Mrs Brown

22.11.16 More Andy Goldworthy Inspired Creations!

We have spent lots of time looking at Andy Goldsworthy's work and have recreated it using natural materials, paints and sketches.  Today we looked at other examples of land art that had been inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.  The children were challenged to come up with their own sculpture or piece of art using natural materials.  There was some lovely individual efforts as well as superb co-operation between groups of 3 and 4.  Great work class 2!  


(We also jumped in the puddles, explored the very wet field and practiced throwing our voices across the field in preparation for the nativity!)


Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art

Andy Goldsworthy - Land Art 1

Please scroll down for our photo slideshows.

1.11.16 - Forest School

Spider's webs were the theme of today's session.  We talked about the webs we had seen outside and watched a short video about how a spider makes its web to understand the structure. Then we had a go at recreating them using sticks and wool.  Everyone worked together to collect straight sticks as we decided they were the best were the best to use.


18.10.16 - Forest School


This afternoon we tried real orienteering using a map!  Previously we have looked at photo clues and followed trails.  It was quite a lot trickier using a map.  We found places on the map and then had to match them up to places in"real-life". This helped us find fairy tale clues which were hidden around the school grounds. 

There was some great teamwork this afternoon and lots of persistence.  The children worked with partners in the opposite year group and it was lovely to see them supporting each other.  

When we had finished, we popped to the wooded forest school area to make dens for hedgehogs to potentially hibernate in as we noticed the weather is getting colder.  A busy afternoon! 




The Storytelling Festival Trip

Forest school 11.10.16

It was another beautiful afternoon, sunny and warm.  We continued to think about Autumn and read an Autumn Brambley Hedge story all about the mice who live in our hedgerows. We looked at the illustrations and spotted lots of signs of Autumn.   This led us to discussions about the leaves changing colour around us.  The children collected 5 leaves from the school grounds which had to be different shapes and colours.  We found red, yellow, green and brown leaves and we also found leaves which were a mixture of those colours.  

We all made observations and some children sketched the leaves carefully.  Others made leaf rubbings.  Finally a group of children helped Mrs Brown to collect a beautiful selection of berries which are now decorating the forest school area on the decking.








Forest School 4.10.16


Difficult to get photos today as everyone was moving very quickly!  The children were following a photo-orienteering trail which was helping them to observe signs of Autumn in the school grounds.  

It was great fun and the fastest team to complete the course will be announced tomorrow in class.  


Forest School 27.9.16

We have been reading different versions of fairy tales and today we read The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig.  The 3 Little Wolves made their houses out of all sorts of different materials and so the children were inspired to make houses for their counting camels and dinosaurs. They used all sorts of different things that they found in the Forest School area and were very creative.  We had a lovely afternoon.