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This half term our Christian Value is Compassion.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust

What are we doing this week?


All the fun of the fair and spring continued...

The children enjoyed last weeks themes so much that we will continue with both this week. The class will explore how rides work and will have a go at making heir own alongside creating spring themed art.


In maths we will be continuing with simple addition and introducing writing number sentences. We will continue to use fun fair stalls to develop these skills.


In literacy we will be reading and writing each day and our handwriting focus will be to continue with the 'Curly Caterpillar' letters.



All the fun of the fair and Spring

Last week was a very exciting week. The children fully engaged with all the science activities and had an amazing time. Their behaviour on Tuesday with 60 other children invading their classroom was wonderful and their tiding up skills were brilliant. They made zip wires in Forest school on Thursday and balloon powered cars with class 4 on Friday. This week we are moving on to 2 new themes. We will be starting to look at fun fairs and using the fun fair activities in our maths. We will also be investigating the outdoors and looking for signs of Spring.


In maths we will be introducing simple addition of 2 single digit numbers. We will be using funfair activities as the theme and using the scores to introduce the addition. It will be very practical and a lot of fun.


In literacy we will be reading and writing and revisiting the 'curly caterpillar' letters ( c, a, ,d, o & g).



Science week

It is going to be a very exciting week in school this week as the whole school is focusing on Science. Every day the class will be taking part in a variety of science experiments all focused on the theme 'journeys'. 

On Tuesday we will be hosting an Early Years Science day. The reception children from Kempsey and Welland will be spending the day with us and enjoying a number of scientific activities. 


A big thank you to the parents that came to the consultations last week. It was a real pleasure talking to you all and do not forget that if there is anything else that you would like to know please come and speak to me - any time!


Our maths this week will be using number to measure distance / journeys. Our handwriting will focus on revisiting the 'long ladder letters' and introducing their capitals.



Pick and mix week

This week is going to be a mixed bag of delights.

We will be exploring the history and RE behind 'Pancake Day' (Shrove Tuesday). We will be celebrating World Book day on Thursday and into Friday with a whole selection of book related activities - do not forget to dress your child on Thursday as a book character!! We will be finishing off some animal work from last week based on the book 'The Grufallo'. Finally, we will be welcoming a student to the class on Tuesday from Germany, Eva Brupbacher. She will be working in the class for about to weeks. Please make her feel at home if you see her on the playground.


I also very much look forward to seeing you all at the parent meetings this week. If you have not yet signed up then pop in and speak to a member of the office staff asap.



Animal homes

I hope you all had a fantastic half term holiday and the children managed to get a well deserved break.

This week we will be learning about where animals live. We will find out about where animals native to this country live as well as animals in other countries. We will begin to use the scientific term ‘habitat’ to describe these places.


In Maths the children will compare and order numbers to 20. We will be checking that the children can match a numeral to 20 with the same number of objects in a set. We will also be estimating numbers of objects and images.


In literacy we will be revisiting the handwriting family of 'Zig Zag Monsters' (V,W,X & Z), alongside Read, Write Inc and other reading and writing activities.



Homes around the world

This week we will be continuing with our ‘houses and homes’ theme and will be looking at houses and homes from around the world.

Maths will be revisiting counting and number play. We will be counting to 100 and looking for patterns and counting one more and one less up to 10/20.

In literacy we will be revisiting the handwriting family of ‘one armed robots’. We will be revising all of the letter sounds covered so far and using them in our reading and writing.



Happy Chinese New Year!


This week will be a mixed bag of themes. We will start the week learning about internet safety and will finish the week finding out about the Chinese New Year. We will also be learning about libraries and exploring the difference between fiction and non fiction texts.


In maths we will be continuing to learn number facts. We will be building on the doubling work we started last week and also continuing to investigate number bonds for 10.


In literacy we are leaping on with our reading and writing. Please remember to read every night if you can, it does make a huge difference and do not forget to fill the Home liaison book in to keep us informed. 


Tuesday is ‘Safer Internet Day’ and we will spend some time learning about keeping safe on line. This is becoming increasingly important year on year. As parents we would not let our children go out on the roads without our guidance so please do not let your children play online without your guidance.

My biggest top tip - Keep technology out of the bedroom and in communal areas of the house. Using technology in the bedroom is when children are at their most vulnerable.


On Wednesday afternoon (after they have finished their lunch) we will be visiting Upton library. At the library the children are given a short guided tour, they are taught how to use the ‘lending service’, a volunteer does a story activity with them and they finish the afternoon with a reading session. They will also bring home a free book to keep as part of the Book Trust initiative. It is a fabulous afternoon and helps the children understand more about books and libraries.

The good news is that there is no cost for this trip. I feel strongly that reading, books and stories is a very important part of learning in class 1 and for that reason have asked the PFA to cover the whole cost of this trip. All they will need that day is a coat!


Finally, I must say a huge WELL DONE to all the children for their behaviour and effort last Tuesday at the PE festival. They were all absolute starts and we were very proud of them.



The Three Little Pigs


This week we will be looking closely at the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’, investigating the materials and testing them as part of a science experiment. We will be building with a variety of materials and looking at why some materials are used for building and not others.


On Tuesday it is the PE festival at Hanley High School. The weather looks cold so please put a pair of tracksuit bottoms and an appropriate warm sports top into their PE bag and bring it to the Festival for them to change into after the event.


In maths we will be continuing to learn number facts. We will be building on the doubling and halving work we started last week and also continuing to investigate odd and even numbers by counting in 2s.


In literacy we are leaping on with our reading and writing. Please remember to read every night if you can. We have now taught all of the letters in cursive. They may not remember them all but they can ALL write their name correctly now.



Mi casa es su casa!

This week we are continuing with our houses and homes topic. We will be looking at how houses and homes differ around the world. We will be doing a mini Geography field trip on Tuesday into the village and also exploring a traditional Mexican house story.

In maths we will be looking at 'number bonds for 10' and ‘doubles’, double 1,2,3,4,5. We will be looking at the numbers, playing with addition and spotting patterns.

Doubles song


Forest school will start back up again this Thursday, so make sure they have old clothes in school on that day to wear under the waterproofs.



Our House


This week will be exploring what makes a house a house. The children will get to create pictures of their house, talk about their house and we will even try and find their house on 'Google earth'.


We will be exploring the story of Hansel and Gretel and paying particular attention to the Gingerbread House.


On Monday afternoon we will have the first PE session of 2018, please make sure their PE is in school on Monday.


In literacy we will continue with our reading and writing. We will be finishing the handwriting families this week with the ‘Zig Zag Monsters’. These are ‘v’, ‘w’, ‘x’ and ‘z’. After that we will be revisiting all of the letters of the alphabet.


In numeracy we will be learning about the numbers from 10 – 20 and how they are made up e.g. 11 = 10+1 and 12 = 10+2 etc.


HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome back!!


I hope you all had a great holiday and enjoyed any time you had with your children.


We will be jumping straight back into school life this week with a whole host of New Year activities. We will be finding out about their Christmas holiday and then getting the children to write, draw and paint their favourite bits.

We will be learning about New Year's resolutions and creating our own.

Read, Write, Inc will start again this week and some of the children will be in different groups.
In maths we will be counting toys to 20 and beyond.