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This half term our Christian Value is LOVE.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust

Class 3

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you've had a lovely break away from Home Schooling over half term and that you are ready to get back to it.

You've all done a fantastic job so far.  Please do have a look at everyone's Man on the Moon writing in the photo slideshow, I am super proud of the work you have all produced.  A huge thank you for sending all the photos of artwork, maths tests and other work through.  It is really helpful for me to get a handle on how things are going.  


Children, I wanted to say a very big thank you to you all for keeping going with all the work and I especially wanted to think about the Maths lessons.    A few words of advice to help you over the next few weeks when you will be working on areas of maths you didn't cover last year.  


Firstly - it is really important to watch the video every day.   Even if you think it looks easy,  if you go straight into the booklet you may miss some vital steps in your learning. 

Secondly - make sure you pause the video and think when the teacher asks you.  This is really important to make sure you engage your thinking.  It doesn't matter if you can't get the answer - you know they will show you, but if you don't stop and try, it is really easy to lose concentration and stop listening.    Remember, you are responsible for you own listening and thinking, and that is what we always ask you to do.

Finally - if you are struggling - ASK!!! Exactly as if we were in class, I can help you work on anything you are finding hard.   It's my job to help you master the things that you find tricky.  We are all good at Teams calls now and we can look together.   


Good luck - I look forward to seeing you on our first weekly Teams call on Monday (schedule on an email as usual) and hearing about how you have kept yourselves entertained.

Mrs C


Day and Night

Still image for this video
Watch this fantastic video, during which Lexie explains why Australia and Japan experience night when we are experiencing day!

Our Alphabet Zoo Collaboration

Draw with Rob - Children in school's work

Hello Class 3 children and families, 


I hope you are all happy and well and that you have survived this rather odd week.   We are all getting rather used to being flexible and coping with last minute changes and are so grateful to you all for your patience.   Things at school have been incredibly busy and we are ready for lockdown learning to start on Monday 11th January 2021.


Some children will be learning from home, some children will be learning at school.  Some children will be doing both!  The important thing to remember is that everyone will be learning the same thing.   It is very important that the children take part in this learning and that they spend time every day on their school work, just as they would if they were in school.  



Hopefully, you will have collected your Home Learning Pack (available from the school office on Friday 8th January) and will have had a look inside.  You will find your normal White Rose Maths Booklet, a squared maths book (for extra maths challenges) and a lined exercise book for Engish and Topic work.  We expect you to take care of these books and keep them safely in your folder when you are not using them.    You will also find a reading book but please do not worry about starting this book yet.  


I will be keeping track of your learning by video call and email during this lockdown if you are not in school.    Sometimes you will need to photograph and email your work to me.  Sometimes we will discuss it.   For those of you who are not in school next week, you will receive a meeting invitation for a short call with me on Monday or Tuesday.  This will be a quick check in to see how you are and to make sure that the technology is working.   We will then schedule a call for later in the week to discuss your learning that week.  


For children who are coming into school, we would like you to bring your Home Learning Pack in every day.  This will allow us to look at any work you have done at home and to support you where necessary. 



Finally, it goes without saying that there will no doubt be hiccups, technology fails and all sorts of exciting problems to solve.    If you have any difficulties, please send me an email and I will do whatever I can to help.    We will work it all out together!  I will be in school working with children every morning and will be doing video calls, email response and planning in the afternoons.   


Please use the class email address:


I look forward to hearing from you all and wish you, and your wider families, all the very best during these challenging times.

Mrs Charles


Merry Christmas from all of us in Class 3!

7th September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,



Welcome back to you all.  It is so wonderful to welcome everyone back to school and into Class 3.  I know there will be a huge range of feelings as we return and so I want to reassure you that the children’s well-being will be front and centre of all that we do.  We will support them carefully as we return to normal routines within the classroom and monitor their emotional wellbeing closely.    


Staffing and Communication

I will be teaching the class with the assistance of a team of TAs as follows;  Mrs Cairns, Mrs Brown, Mrs Martin and Miss Haynes.  Mrs Dodd will also be teaching one afternoon a week to cover my PPA.  Communication is obviously going to look slightly different as teaching staff will not be available on the playground as previously.  Please use Home Liaison books as the primary communication tool.  We will initially check these daily and then move to a system where children are asked to hand their books in if there is a message, so please tell your children if you have written a note that I need to see.   Alternatively, you can arrange a phone call via the office or send an email in, which will then be forwarded to me. 


Reading and Homework

Children will be expected to read daily within school, and will be given a school book from our reading schemes.   They will also bring their school reading book home.  We will encourage them to keep note of their reading in their Home Liaison books and would ask that they read with you at home as much as possible. At this age children’s understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure can really be improved by listening to longer chapter books and we would encourage you to read aloud to your children if at all possible.    

There will be no homework sent home this half term. 



We will start the year with a transition topic based on a picture book called Here We Are.   Following this our main topic will be Vikings.  This historical topic is based around the fantastic novel The Saga of Erik The Viking and we will use it as the basis of the whole curriculum.  We are looking at the feasibility of doing the usual trip to Bishop’s Wood that fits with this topic and will let you know asap.   After half-term we will move on to a related topic of Dragons and the class novel will be How To Train Your Dragon which is another favourite, before moving on to Christmas related activities. 

Following the prolonged period of time away from school, we will be working to help the children catch up with the core subjects of Maths and English over the course of the year.  We will monitor their progress closely and put in recap teaching and catch up sessions as necessary. 

This term, children will do PE on Mondays.  Could they please have their PE kits in school everyday though, in case there are further opportunities.  The whole class will also be doing Forest School every Tuesday afternoon, so they will need to wear forest school clothing to school instead of uniform on Tuesdays and bring named Wellies in a plastic bag.


It promises to be another busy term and we are looking forward to it.  Many thanks for your support, and please do get in touch if you have any concerns at all.

Mrs Charles and the Class 3 Team.

Hi Class 3,


Its nearly the end of term, nearly the end of homeworking and definitely the strangest end of term I've ever experienced!

WELL DONE for keeping going with everything you have been doing.   It has been a very long time to learn away from school and you and your families are amazing.


It was lovely to see so many of you in school this week, either in my keyworker group or at Forest School.   I hope you enjoyed yourselves.   School is a very happy and calm place at the moment and if all goes to plan, we will all be back together in September (keep your fingers crossed!).


This very last week of work is based on Animals.    The first lesson is about Grouping Animals and the second lesson will teach you about Vertebrates.   For both lessons there is a powerpoint presentation and activities to do afterwards.


For reading this week, I have uploaded lots of information about different animals so that you can choose the animal you are most interested in.   I know that lots of you like animals so I thought you might like to choose.  There is also a word search in there if you fancy it.     


Finally, I have attached a link for drawing videos so that you can learn to draw different animals if you would like.   


This is the last upload of work that I am going to be doing.  Please enjoy a well deserved break if you are exhausted by working super hard all term.   If you feel quite relaxed and enjoying the structure of a bit of work,  try doing a few of the extra reading comprehensions over the summer and dip in and out of any of the maths and english links that are here.  Everything remains available over the summer if you want it.  


Take care, well done, over and out!

Mrs C




Summer Week 7


Hello Class 3,

How are you all doing?   I hope you've had an enjoyable week.  Wasn't it strange to feel rain again? I had forgotten about that!

I have had lots of emails from you telling me about your work on the Ancient Greek Gods.   A huge well done to all of you and thank you for your efforts.   It has been lovely to be back in school this week, but I am missing you all so much.  It is not quite the same without class 3.

This week please carry on with all the wonderful English and Maths.   Here is your topic work:


This week I would like you to focus on Greek Myths.  They are the wonderful stories that the Greeks used to tell each other.  They always featured a God or Goddess.   There was usually a Hero, a Mythical Beast and a Battle.  This week I would like you to  focus on the Story of Hercules and his 10 Labours.   I have set 4 tasks and I would like you all to do Task 1 and then you can choose  at least 2 others to complete as well.  If you are really pushing yourself, you might manage to do all of them.  

Task 1

There are links below to a video, a reading version and a listening version.  I want you to use of all these and to compare the different versions of the story.   Can you make a table showing similarities and differences?   Many things will be the same because it is the same story, but when stories are told by different people, details can change.  Can you find these differences?  

Task 2

When you are familiar with the story, I would like you do create a cartoon storyboard with a separate picture for each of the labours.  Think carefully about how you will present this and who/what you will include in each picture.   Make it as detailed as possible.

Task 3

If Hercules existed now, in Modern Britain, what do you think his 10 Labours would be?  I would like you to come up with a list of Labours for a Modern Day Hercules.  For example, he could clean the beaches around the world of rubbish and waste plastic!

Task 4

There are a number of mythical creatures in the story of Hercules.  Can you produce a piece of artwork representing one of them.  It is completely your choice as to  how you do this.  You may be able to paint, use a computer programme, make a collage, use natural materials..... or something else.   I look forward to seeing the results!


Good luck and remember to send me pictures of the work you do if you can.   

Mrs C

Hi Class 3,

How are you all?  I hope you are well.
I have been overwhelmed by all the fantastic work you have done this week on Hercules.  From story-boards to videos to artwork - it has been wonderful to see.  Thank you all so much and super well done.
I also know lots of you have been doing all sorts of other things and finding out about the world's oceans and doing science experiments and all sorts of other things.  Thank you and well done all of you.  

This week I have condensed the topic into one weblink which I hope you will find easier to access.  The work relates to a Greek Myth called Theseus and the Minatour.  I have also linked a couple of versions of the story so you can see how it really turned out but don't read these until you've had a go at the tasks.

Let me know how you find the new format.

The usual Maths and English links are below.  Please try and keep going with these if you can.

Have a great week!

Mrs C

Summer Week 6


Welcome back everyone!

I hope you had a lovely week enjoying this incredible weather.   We have been so lucky.   


This week, Hanley Swan is opening again after a long break and we are looking forward to welcoming back some children whose parents are key workers.  It is going to be different to normal school, but it will be so lovely to see some of you back and to hear children's chatter and laughter again.

For most of you, home schooling continues and I imagine you are used to it now.   Please carry on with the English and Maths online lessons if you can and have a go at the Ancient Greek Topic work.   I will still be here on the end of the email system to answer any questions and I look forward to seeing your work and the pictures of you having fun.   Miss Wilkins and I will be in school looking after children and working through the same activities that are posted for everyone.    We are also writing reports about your time in school this year and it has been lovely thinking about you all and remembering all the things you were doing when you were in school. 


This week I would like you to find out about Ancient Greek Gods.   The Ancient Greeks explained the world through the actions of the Gods and Goddesses that they worshipped and they told fantastic stories about the Gods, called Myths.     To find out more about the Gods, look at the powerpoint link below and the weblinks.      Your task this week is to create a Top Trumps games for Greek Gods.   You will need to find out what they look like and what their strengths are.     You will need to come up with different categories to rate them so that you can compare them.  You can use your imagination to help you! If you would like an idea of how to do this, look at the Top Trumps link below.   

As well as this, there is a reading comprehension about Medusa, one of the Greek Goddesses for you to work through.  You will need to ask an adult to help you print out the text and the questions and there are different levels of text to choose from.

Good luck!

Mrs C



Half Term - Summer 2020


Hi Class 3!  Strange as it may seem, it is now half term.  Enjoy the sun and a break, both children and Mums and Dads.  A huge well done for all the activities, work and challenges that you have been involved in over the last 5 weeks.

We are busy getting ready for Key Worker children to come back to Hanley Swan on 1st June and also writing your reports!  Thanks for all the emails and photos.  Have a fun week.

Mrs C


Summer Term Week 5

Hello Class 3,

How are you all doing?

Well done for all your fantastic work.  You are doing a great job and I have loved your emails and your photos.  You are doing so well.

I have been working at Upton School this week and it has been great to be in a school again but it is not the same without you all.  I have also been into Hanley Swan, which is very quiet and strange without children.   Everything is still there and all your work is on the walls reminding me of everything we were doing in the Spring Term.

This term we would have started looking at Ancient Greece as part of our topic work, so I have added some links for you to look at this week so you don’t miss out.   There is some information about who the Ancient Greeks were and what it was like to live in an Ancient Greek family.  I have also added a Horrible Histories link as I know that you like those videos.

There is also a reading comprehension about Ancient Greece.  You will need help from an adult to print it out if you can and there are 3 versions, easy, middle and hard to choose from.   

Your task this week is to make a poster about Ancient Greeks using the information you have seen in the links.  Try and include factual information, pictures and diagrams.   If you can, take a photo of it and send it to me on email.


Please keep going with all the great Maths and English you are doing on Oak Academy and BBC Bitesize.  All the normal links are below as usual.  If you are stuck for what to choose, please ask and I will direct you to something suitable. 


Take care and be good!

Mrs C

Week 4

Hello again Class 3.

I hope you are all feeling well.  Its hard to believe this is the 4th week of no school.  Strictly speaking, this is the Easter holidays, but it is a rather strange one.  I hope the Easter Bunny found you all anyway.  The Prime Minister in New Zealand said that the Tooth Fairy is a key worker at the moment, so I'm sure the Easter Bunny is too.


Are you getting used to staying home all the time yet?  What are you missing?  What are you not missing?!  I'm missing all of you and all of the other teachers and grown-ups in school.  It is strange not to hear your news and stories.  I'm also missing all the long play times on the field that I think we would be having if we were at school in this beautiful weather!  I will admit though, that I am not missing having to get up so early every morning!


It has been lovely to hear your news.  I have really enjoyed hearing what you've been up to.  I have read that rather a lot of you seem to have been relaxing in hot-tubs - what a hard life!  There has also been lots of baking and making going on, which is lovely, and lots of you are enjoying biking, running and walking.  


Mr Bundy has been hard at work behind the scenes with the IT team at Hanley Castle and there is a new class email address to use.   Could you send any emails to this address from now on please:


Enjoy the rest of the holiday time and I will put some more work up ready for you next week when we would normally be returning to school.  


Remember, be kind and helpful, look after everyone in your house and have as much fun as you can.

Mrs Charles x 






Week 3

Hello Everyone!   

Its week 3 already and that means we are at the beginning of the Easter Holidays.  It doesn't really feel like that though does it?!   Thank you for all the photos and messages you have sent through this week.  It has been wonderful to hear from you.  Please keep on going.  I have shared some of the photos below because I thought you would like to see what everyone else is up to as well!   


I am putting some tasks on here as we are not able to do the usual things we would enjoy in the Easter Holidays and I thought you might want some ideas.

(Apologies that this hasn't appeared until Monday morning, but the WIFI in my house was not working yesterday which made me feel a bit panicky!   Suddenly we are very dependent on lap tops and computers for so much of our communication.)



I See Maths is having a break for the Easter Holidays but White Rose Maths is still taking place.  They also have some Easter Fun ideas which I have also linked at the bottom of this page.   There is also an Easter Maths Mystery for you to try if you are able to print it off.   Timestable rockstars is proving popular and I have set it so that you should get new tables added each week.   I think you are all going to be times table geniuses when you get back to school.  



I have added an Easter Reading comprehension document.  There are 3 different versions so ask a grown up to help you decide which one to do.  You should be able to read it and work on it without printing it off if you need to.   Keep going with those books.  I even think a re-read of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory might be a good idea in the lead up to Easter chocolate eating.  



It was just fabulous to get your email updates last week.  Thank you for all your efforts.  Please write to me again and if you want a challenge see if you can use Fronted Adverbials to start some of your sentences.  There is a sheet with lots of examples in the links if you need a reminder!  Remember that we use them in our writing to add detail, but we don't have to use them in every single sentence.  

Alternatively, I have popped a picture link which might inspire you to be creative and write a story.  There are some questions underneath the picture to help you find inspiration.   I would love to read any of your ideas so do send them through.  


Art & Craft

I have popped an Art Friends link up for fun so have a look at that one.   If we were at school we would have made Easter Cards so I would suggest having a go at making an Easter Card for someone in your family.   I have added a google link for some ideas.    I know many of you love a bit of colouring, so  I have also added some Easter Colouring pages as well.



I hope that is useful.  Have a lovely time over Easter and I hope that the Easter Bunny Makes it through the lockdown to find you and deliver some chocolate treats.  

Happy Easter,

Mrs Charles x 


Hello again Class 3!

How are you all doing?  I hope you've had a good week and that you have enjoyed all of the beautiful sunshine.  

It has been fantastic to see the photos and messages coming in with your creative activities.  Well done to you all!


I have been looking through the online resources and the twins and I have been trying different things out.  There are loads of great activities online which you could try this week if you haven't had a go already.



The daily I See Maths lessons are great.  There is a short lesson to watch and then an activity to have a go at everyday.  I really recommend trying these lessons out.  They build up over the course of the week so start from Monday when you first have a look.  The link is at the bottom of this message.

There are also lessons for year 3s and year 4s on the White Rose Home Learning page.  These will look at bit more like the lessons you have at school and so try these out too.  The link is at the bottom of this message too and this is there instead of the worksheet that I posted last week.



Keep reading!  I hope you have some good books on the go.  Let me know how you are getting on.  Don't forget to tell your parents/carers about what you are reading too.



Your challenge this week is to write an email to me and let me know how you are getting on.  Ask a grown up for help to send this.  My email address is



Have a go at some drawing this week.  You could use an Art Friends youtube video to help but make sure you ask a grown up to help you search for it.  



I bet lots of you have already tried out Joe Wicks' daily PE sessions.  If you haven't, click on the link below and give it a go. Its lots of fun and everyone in the family can join in.  


Finally, keep going with the making and baking and send through photos of what you are doing.  I'd love to see.

Well done all of you.

Best wishes, Mrs Charles x 



Hello Class 3!

How are you all?  It seems a long time already since Wednesday and I am missing all of your smiley faces.   Everything must seem a little strange and it will certainly be odd not to come into school on Monday and crack on with handwriting and lining up for Collective Worship.  I hope you are all feeling well and that you will enjoy this time at home with your families.


It is important that you keep your brains working (stretching!) whilst you are away from school, but learning is going to feel different for a while.   There will be loads of opportunities for different types of learning while you are away from school such as cooking, crafting, making and creating.   We don't always get the chance to do as much of this as we would all like so this is a bonus.  I think some of you will become master Lego builders over the next few weeks!  


I am going to put different things up on this website each week for you to have a go at if you can. However there are a few things I would like you do as well.


1. I bet you can guess what I'm going to say first........ READING!!   You have got a lot of time and reading is the one single thing you can do which makes the biggest difference to your learning and understanding.   There are so many amazing adventures you can have with a book and you have the chance to enjoy them now you have lots of time.  Try and read for at least 1/2 hour a day.  You can keep a record in your Home Liaison book and I think lots of you will be able to speed through the reading challenge.


2. MATHS.  You all have super sharp maths brains and we want to keep them firing.  Have a go at the worksheets I've uploaded or try the daily maths lessons - your parents/carers will help you to find these.     You all know how to use Times Table Rockstars, so try and do 10 minutes a day if you can.  


3. DIARIES.   You have all put lots of work into your diaries this year and have written an update almost every week.  It would be interesting to carry on and keep a record of this time if you can find a notebook or something similar.  It will allow you to keep your fantastic writing skills going.   It would be fun to share our diaries when we do come back - although as always, you won't have to share if you don't want to!   


4. Be CREATIVE.   Try and do something every day where you are creative.  This could be as simple as colouring or drawing or it could be building something with Lego/Knex or making a den in the garden.   If you do something you are proud of, send a photo of it to and I will share it on our class page.  


Good luck.   Enjoy the time, be extra kind to your brothers and sisters, Mums and Dads and lets hope for lots of sun and outdoor play.  I'm missing you all lots.  

All the best, from Mrs Charles x 

For all class 3 parents and carers:

Thank you for your patience in this tricky time.  It has been one of the most challenging weeks in Education I have experienced and I know that it is a worrying time for us all.    Continuing with children's learning is important but I think we are all aware that homeschooling is going to be a challenge  - I am at home with 3 boys so share the challenge!  I want to signpost you to useful content and will update weekly so as to keep some routine.    There is an overwhelming amount of online content to help with education so it would be very useful to have your feedback as to what is useful via  


I have uploaded worksheets that relate to the next steps in the maths curriculum for both year 3 and 4 as a starter for 10.      Alternatively, daily maths lessons will be available on the maths link below called I See Maths.   The first one is due Monday and so I cannot vouch for the quality as yet, but previous content I have used has been strong.  As well as this, all the children have log ins to Times Table Rockstars and this is an easy way for them to keep their recall of table facts quick.  


I have uploaded a couple of reading comprehensions as well for the children to start on.  I would say that greater value will probably come from the opportunity the children now have to read widely.  The important thing to do is to ensure the children are understanding their reading and the vocab in the books and "book talk" is a very important support for children reading independently.  The link below called VIPERS gives you lots of ideas of how to discuss texts with the children.    I have also seen that Audible are streaming a wide range of free stories whilst schools are closed so I have also included this link.  


Many thanks for your support.   

Ruth Charles



Happy New Year to you all.  A huge thank you for all the cards and gifts we all received at Christmas.  We hope you all had a good break and enjoyed the celebrations.

We have had a good start to our first week back.  The children were full of news about presents and exciting family celebrations and it was lovely to see them all coming in so enthusiastically.   As always, we have a busy term planned with lots of sporting activities to look forward to.

Swimming starts on Monday (13th January) and Mr Bundy will be in charge!  This will continue weekly with the last session on Monday 23rd March.  Please feel free to send an extra snack for your children to eat after swimming as they will be eating lunch a little earlier than normal, and are often hungry on return.   The children will continue to do PE with Mr Craddock on Thursday afternoons this term and then on Fridays during the 1st half of term, we have an outside provider coming in to do six sessions of contemporary dance.    

Our main topic this term is Stone Age to Iron Age and so there will be a focus on  prehistory this term which we will explore through a variety of areas of the curriculum including philosophy and computing.  Mrs Dodd will continue to do Art, Music and RE on Tuesday afternoons.  


The homework leaflet will be sent home shortly and as always, can I ask that you support your children's reading as much as possible, especially their comprehension and understanding.     The class are doing brilliantly at the reading challenge and it is great to see such enormous effort.   Many thanks for all your encouragement. 


Please come and see me if you have any queries or worries.   Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2020.

Ruth Charles

Welcome back to you all! 

We hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday with your children.  This letter is to outline some information about our classroom routines and the year ahead.  I will also be holding a brief parent’s meeting on Wednesday 11th September 2019 at 3pm so please come along and we can discuss any queries at that stage. 



Staffing and Communication

I will be teaching the class with the assistance of a team of TAs as follows; Mrs Sauntson, Mrs Jones, Mrs Brown and Mr Craddock.  Mrs Cairns is sadly unwell at the moment but will be joining us as soon as she has recovered.  Mrs Dodd will be teaching one afternoon a week to cover my PPA.  Please catch me for quick queries on the playground and feel free to make a more formal appointment with the office for longer discussions.    Home Liaison books will still be used as a communication tool but will not be checked daily so please ask your children to hand them in to me first thing if there is a message I need to see. 


Reading and Homework

Children will be expected to read daily within school, either their own books or the class reader.  They will also bring a school reading book home.  We will encourage them to keep note of their reading in their Home Liaison books and would ask that they read with you at home as much as possible. There is a whole school reading challenge running this year to help encourage your children to practise regularly.  At this age children’s understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure can really be improved by listening to longer chapter books and we would encourage you to read aloud to your children if at all possible.   


Homework leaflets containing tasks for the term will be sent home shortly.  Please see us if you have any questions.  Spelling will continue to be taught and practised within school but there will be no formal weekly test.  Over the course of the year, children may bring home targeted spellings to learn.   



We will start the year with our topic on Chocolate which will provide the basis for teaching across the curriculum.  Please see the attached topic web for further details.  This topic will include work on Roald Dahl’s “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory” and we will be visiting Cadbury’s World as part of the topic. 

After half-term we will move onto a whole school topic on Climate Change as part of a collaboration with a number of schools in the area.  We will then finish the term off with a focus on the classic story “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe” and topic work will be related to this text. 

This term, children will do PE on Thursdays with Mr Craddock but could they please have their PE kits in school everyday in case there are further opportunities.  During the Spring Term, the children will also be swimming on Mondays.

It promises to be another busy term and we are looking forward to it.  Many thanks for your support,


Mrs Charles and the Class 3 Team.


Welcome back all and a Happy New Year.

We are looking forward to a fun and busy term in class 3.  Our class topic is The Rainforest and we have lots of exciting activities planned.  This term also brings weekly Swimming lessons, World Book Day and Science Week.   We have a PGCE student joining us at the end of January and Mrs Jones is joining us for daily maths lessons this term.  

As always, please do come and see us if you have any queries or questions.

Mrs Charles and Mrs Salisbury.

Violin Tune - Rudolph

Violin Tune - Jingle Bells

Viking Collage Homework. An amazing effort. Thanks to all.

Class 3 Trip - Bishops Wood September 2018

Homework Help for homework due 26th September

5th September 2018

Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to you all. We hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday with your children. This letter is to outline some information about our classroom routines and the year ahead. We will also be holding a brief parent’s meeting on Wednesday 12th September 2018 at 3pm so please come along and we can discuss any queries at that stage.

Staffing and Communication

Mrs Charles and Mrs Salisbury will be teaching the class with the assistance of Mrs Cairns full-time and Mrs Bundy during maths lessons. Teaching staff will be available on the playground in the mornings as usual. Please catch us then for quick queries but feel free to make a more formal appointment with the office for longer discussions. Home Liaison books will still be used as a communication tool but messages may not be picked up until lunchtime so please be aware of this if you are writing a note.

Reading and Homework

Children will read daily within school and will also bring a reading book home. We will encourage them to keep note of their reading in their Home Liaison books and would ask that they read with you at home as much as possible. We will be encouraging independent reading and so will help the children to make reading choices appropriately. At this age children’s understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure can really be improved by listening to longer chapter books and we would encourage you to read aloud to your children if you can fit it in.

Homework leaflet’s containing tasks for the term will be sent home shortly. Please see us if you have any questions. This year spelling will be taught and practised within school so there will be no spelling tests however we may send targeted spelling for individuals.


We will start the year with our topic on Vikings. This will include art work, ICT and of course history. This topic will include work on Viking Sagas and the “How To Train Your Dragon” series of books by Cressida Cowell. Children will do PE twice a week so could they please have their PE kits in school everyday. We have booked Violin Tuition for the whole class for the Autumn Term and are hopeful of a performance towards the end of term. Finally we will have Rugbytots in to work with the class during the second half of the Autumn Term.


It promises to be another busy term and we are looking forward to it. Many thanks for your support,


The Class 3 Team.

Class 3 Enterprise Sale was a roaring success. We made a £400 profit that we will be using to fund 'Honeyfest 2018'. Thank you for all your support. Miss Curtis

Lip balm making for our sale on Tuesday 19th June 2018

Making our Hanley Hand Salve with sweet almond oil infused with rose water

MSJ Olympics 2018

Making candles using our own ' Hanley Hive wax'.