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This half term our Christian Value is Kindness.


We are a happy, family school with strong Christian values. We all work together to promote a love of learning where children succeed and reach their full potential. We hope you enjoy your visit.Hanley Swan Primary School is part of the Hanley and Upton Educational Trust


Our Geography Intent

At our school, we recognise that geography plays a crucial role in shaping young minds. We intend to foster a deeper understanding of the world by exploring both natural and human aspects. We aim to ignite curiosity about diverse places, people, and environments. Through local geography, children will grasp their place in the world, appreciating the interconnectedness of landscapes, cultures, and ecosystems. By studying globally significant locations, they’ll comprehend the processes that shape our planet. Our geography curriculum equips pupils with knowledge, skills, and a lifelong fascination for the Earth and its inhabitants. We also want our pupils to have a quality first-hand experience of a contrasting African location. We want them to learn about other cultures, communities and lives through open and honest dialogue with staff and pupils from a Tanzanian school.