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This half term our Christian Value is Kindness.


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CREW Presentation!

Teaching is the best job in the world (yes I am biased) and I know this because it is a job that has so many amazing moments. But every now and again there is an activity that tops everything else and the children that we know are amazing, prove to be even better that that! On Friday the 16th October Mrs Sauntson and I (Mr Bundy) were witness to just such a moment.
During last academic year CREW (the Collective Worship RE team) were invited to a Diocese course to talk to teachers about their role in Collective Worship at our school. The organisers were so pleased with the overwhelming positive feedback from the 15 participants that they invited CREW to do their presentation again at the Worcestershire Diocese Head Teachers conference on Friday.
We arrived at the Pear Tree Hotel at Smite and there was an air of excitement amongst the children. We waited patiently in the restaurant ready to be called into the conference room. After a few minutes the organisers came through and introduced themselves. The CREW all got given their own name tag and we were then shown through to the conference room… the very large conference room… the very large conference room filled with over 100 head teachers! This was a very different event to what CREW had experienced before and ‘wow’ were our (yes, mine as well) tummies whirling. We were greeted by the host of the conference who then told CREW that they needed to use a microphone and swiftly went into an explanation on how to use it.
It was at this point that the realisation of what was going on hit us all. I know that there are not many adults that would cope in this situation and yet the CREW stood at the front of this conference room and looked smart, proud and eager to start.
The host did an introduction and they began their presentation to over 100 head teachers.
They all talked confidently, clearly, slowly and proudly about their role and what they do. They passed the microphone back and forth and used it like they had been presenting for years! They used the scripts they had written but also had time to look up and smile! The head teachers looked on in awe and were inspired by what CREW had to say!
The presentation lasted about 20 minutes and it did not finish there. They then answered a variety of questions from the head teachers and did not stumble once!
Each and every member of CREW rose to the occasion and did themselves, their families and the school proud.
Well done Ben, Louise, Darcey, Kate, Jessica, Keira, Scarlett and Grace.
This is why teaching is the best job in the world; I bet you wish you were a teacher now!